This is one of the actual shorttime stories:

Joy - Laos pussy in Pattaya - Walking Street, Pattaya - Thailand
If you have a thing for petite dark brown teens with cute overbites and BIG happy smiles, Joy will make your dick break out of your pants. 19 years old and 40kgs, Joy surprised me by saying she wasn't Thai but from Laos. She mentioned going on border runs, and it was amusing to imagine this little brown girl on a bus or van full of horny expats on their border runs. It is VERY rare to find Laos pussy, especially a girl this cute so I had to take her short time.

Joy dances at one of the go go bars on Walking Street in Pattaya. I looked up at this bright smiling teen on stage and had her come down to sit with me for a drink. As she downed her tequila shot I fondled her smallish boobies and meaty teen snatch. Joy's pussy is completely shaved and was already moist as I rubbed the soft hood of her clit.

Short time!!! At Joy's bar they have you pay for everything up front for 2000 baht (barfine, room, tip for joy). We went upstairs and without a shower I chowed down on her delicious meaty box. I toyed with her nipples and licked her little brown butthole and pussy like a man getting his last meal.

After feasting on her slit for about 5 minutes Joy pulled me up and kissed me, tasting her pussy. My mouth was covered with her juices which she licked off completely. My cock was rock hard and bobbed against her soaking wet pussy. The tip of my cock slipped inside her easily, and she rocked me back and forth inside her for a moment. Joy's eyes were closed, then popped open when she realized I didn't have a condom on. She asked "condom?" and I said sure, and she went to her purse and pulled out a rubber.

I rolled on the condom and smelled the cherry scene of it, with make me smile. Placing my cock against her still wet pussy I entered Joy completely with a single thrust, her little legs wrapping around me. We fucked missionary position for a while then turned over so I could fuck her doggy style.

At this moment I did a little "condom trickery" with joy, pulling off the rubber and rubbing my bare cock against her glistening cunt lips. Not sure if she could tell if the condom was off but Joy thrust back on my cock, impaling herself fully on my bareback cock. Her pussy felt soooo good, and after just a couple of moments I started to cum.

I shot the first stream of cum deep inside this Laos teen, then finished the rest on her brown buns. Joy collapsed in bed, as did I. After exchanging a few kisses we went to the shower to clean. We dressed and parted ways. If you like Joy's look she is 100000000% recommended as an amazing Pattaya experience.



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